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Kala Ucadelic Ukulele USA

Kala Ucadelic Ukulele USA


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  • Original Price: $ 79.99

The "Ucadelic" by Kala Ukuleles is a completely waterproof Instrument! Perfect for the beach, the lake, the pool, or just playing with friends. The Kala Waterman Ucadelic Soprano Ukulele is perfect for any ukulele player looking to travel. The uke is crafted out of durable plastic and features the same bracing that you would find in any other ukulele, allowing the waterman to have a great tone while staying tough and waterproof. The Ukadelic line features designs submitted by ukulele lovers from all over including three new designs for 2017.  These playful ukes now come in durable plastic and there is a design to get anyone excited.

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